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DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer (40g) lifts and assists growing hairs. The DermMatch formula coats the entire hair shaft from top to bottom. This coating thickens the hair shaft tremendously and helps lift it up.Thin hairs will thicken, stand up and spread out for spectacular fullness. There is nothing in the world like it!

DermMatch contains colourants from plant and mineral sources and the formula is loaded with botanical and natural ingredients. One of the key ingredients comes from palm leaves native to the Amazon region of northern Brazil. It helps give this product its unique water-resistant qualities. Emollients in DermMatch soften and moisturize your skin.

People all over the world have changed their lives forever with DermMatch. Try it risk free right now and start enjoying a thick, full head of hair right away. One 40g disc last 8 months on average.

DermMatch looks better, stays on better, applies neater, is more natural and costs you less to use.

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DermMatch offers more ways of usage:

  • For beards and mustaches with irregularities or bald spots. Also serves to provide more density to these areas.
  • For eyebrows. Is used to provide more density and color to sparsely populated eyebrows. Very natural results are obtained. In case of depopulated eyebrows, you can use it to design and fill the eyebrow.
  • For gray hair. When it is applied to an area with gray hair or even one gray hair, it will gain coloring by eliminating the gray color.
  • For the hair split. This is a perfect solution for all women who dye their hair, but shortly after the hair split shines through, giving away their actual color. You can color the hair split, without having to dye all over again, just to cover the hair split.
  • For scalp scars. Dermatologists, trichologists and specialists use DermMatch after hair restoration surgery to cover scars from wounds and operations.

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