Watermans Shampoo and Conditioner Combi Pack



Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

Watermans grow me shampoo and conditioner are listed on PETA website as a business friend and are highly against animal testing Suitable for all hair types and races

Waterman’s Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner Combination

Hair loss treatment for men and women
Designed to make hair grow and feel thicker
Made to help with underlying undiagnosed scalp problems and hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss

Waterman’s grow me Designed to stimulate hair re-growth, strengthen hair follicles, improve scalp circulation, help stop hair loss, repair scalp damage, grow hair fast and increase hair density

Aims to stimulate cell metabolism and supply oxygen to follicles and nutrients required for hair development
Designed to improves vascularisation of the hair follicle
Aims to regulate the hormonal balance (pregnancy, menopause)
Natural DHT blockers for male and female pattern baldness
Leave on for 2-3 minutes for formula to activate
Sulfate- and paraben-free
pH-balanced ingredients
250ml bottle

**Main Ingredients: Biotin | caffeine | argan oil | rosemary extract | allantoin | hydrolyzed lupin protein (Anageline) | vitamins and antioxidants such as H, B7, B3, B6, C, E

Watermans Grow me is the ideal shampoo for helping with thick hair

Use in conjuction with Watermans luxury hair growth serum for even better results

Watermans Condition Me Conditioner

Cholesterol conditioner with caffeine and rosemary Anti-hair loss activity formula for women and men

Replenishing and nourishing
Softens and moisturises
Designed to revitalise hair, strengthen from root to tip, reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth, improve scalp circulation and regulate hormonal balance

**Main Ingredients: Cholesterol | Caffeine | Rosemary | Hydrolyzed lupin protein (Anageline)

Instructions for the Shampoo, always read the back of our bottles.

Work in a small amount of Watermans Grow Me on wet hair. Massage into hair and leave on scalp for 3-4 Minutes then rinse, use daily as required. Use 4-5 times per week for best results.

NOTE: Avoid contact with eyes, should this occur rinse immediately with clean water.

The formula will not work under 2 minutes.

Best results use 4 times a week for 30 – 60 days.

Paraben-Free shampoo – Free From Sulfate

Waterman’s grow me Shampoo & Conditioner Combination

Please note Our couriers have recently increased their postal prices, we make no money from the cost of shipping. Please keep in mind that Shampoo and Conditioner are heavy products to ship, this is reflected in the shipping price.

If you are in Belfast you can buy Watermans in Sterling from our Belfast Store


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