Hair Fibres The Perfect Cover

Lotions, potions, sprays and creams – there’s so much to slap on to a thinning head of hair and so much upkeep required to get maximum results that it can all seem so bewildering that many men and women suffering from hair loss just don’t bother.

There’s a happy – and simple – alternative, however: hair fibres that will instantly build up those dwindling areas and restore your crowning glory in seconds.

The answer is, of course, hair fibres made from keratin, such as those available from leading hair-loss firm Toppik. So what exactly is this wonder product, and how does it work?

Tiny protein fibres, made from the same material as your own hair (keratin), come in a range of colours to match people’s natural hair, from black to white and everything in between.

All you need to do is shake them out of their canister onto the thinning hair on your head – ensuring beforehand that it’s dry – much like the way you would when using salt and pepper shakers on your dinner.

The optimal distance for effective delivery is around two or three inches, but for more difficult areas, where there’s much less hair, it can be brought closer to the scalp.

As the fibres are leaving the canister, they’re magnetised by a strip along it, and because of this static energy, they instantly latch on to existing hairs and give the effect of full hair in thinning areas.

Just gently massage the hairs to ensure the fibres are in place, or slowly brush the area, and you’re done; it takes less than a minute and the fibres will stay in place until your next shampoo.

It’s recommended that Toppik Fibre Hold Spray is used to give added protection to the area, especially when you’re going to be out in bad weather, with lots of wind and rain.

This powerful resin will enrich the hair while making sure the fibres won’t fall out and cause staining, even during sporting activities when people perspire.

With keratin hair fibres, bad hair days – especially for those who are losing it – will thankfully be a thing of the past.

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