Summer 2024

Summer 2024 make sure Toppik keeps your thinning hair covered

Summer 2024 is nearly upon us and lets hope its a nice warm one for us all and not full of dull days and rain.

Talking about dull you know that we here at hairlossireland are always working hard to make sure we bring you great products to help you with any hair loss problems you may have.

Hairloss Ireland do that by stocking a range of suitable products that will make your hair look anything but dull.

The one thing you should know, but if you don’t let us tell you is that we sell original Toppik hair fibres and other great Toppik products to go along with the Fibres.

Toppik has been around for a long long time while other so called leaders in hair loss products seem to have come and gone. Toppik hair fibres are renowned for their coverage, longevity, plus their great range of colours.

Help thinning hair grow

We also sell GrowMe and ConditionMe shampoo and conditioner and have been for years.

We only sell these products because our customers keep on requesting it so it must be good.

Buying thse two products as a combi pack works out better for your pocket, take that as our money saving tip for summer 2024 as we know how difficult things have been recently.

Another great product that customers get super results form is the GrowMore Elixir, which is a leave in overnight serum that will help to boost your growth.

Please note with shampoos and elixers it does take time to work, sadly it is not an over night fix.
You’ll know when its worked though as people will be noticing the difference in you.

Wedding season is upon us also and we know that right now people with thinning hair will want to look their best.

Have no fear hairlossireland is here to help you look like you have not aged since the last time you got together for an ocassion be it a summer one or not.

If you are having any difficulty using this site ,making a payment etc etc try our sister website Hair Solutions Ireland it may be able to help you to complete your order.

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