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Luis Bien Coloured Hair Thickener Spray from Hairlossireland.ie

luis bien coloured hair thickener spray

We know its been a while since we last posted on our blog and thats because life and our customers have kept us very busy. With all that is goig on in the world being able to source our quality products has casued a lot of stree for not only us but we know for our customers as well.

Luis Bien Coloured Hair Thickener Spray from Hairlossireland.ieToppik which is our main brand have been having trouble supply us and all their other customers with their Coloured Hair Thickener and this is very frustrating as we know its a popular product for a reason, and that reason is because it does what it says on the tin. But they have worked hard to find a good product that would suffice until the Toppik Coloured Hair Thickener is available again. So with that said let us tell you about the great new product.

Welcome to our stock Luis Bien Coloured Hair Thickener Spray

Yes some of the colours sound weird with Dark Brown and then Dark dark Brown and thats because the Dark Dark Brown is bordering on Black so we wanted to warn out customers in advance, then we have Dark Yellow which is actually Dark Blonde/ Light brown and then we have not just Grey but light Grey.

Believe it or not this spray works extremly well and we say that because well “less is more” we know you think thats a marketing thing but with this product its true. So if with other products you may have to push the button two or three times to get the coverage you need. With
luis bien coloured hair thickener spray thats not the case. With just one spray you will be amazed how well the coverage is. We advise you to be careful.

When we said that “less is more” we meant that and we cannot impress on you enough how important it is for you to keep this in mind. But with any new product it will always be a case of testing it until you have worked out how to use the product to suit your needs.

Please do not overspray this on the area you want covered its really imporant you keep this in mind otherwise trying to get out the door may take you a lot lot longer.

Thats it for now but we promise we will try to keep you updated with more regular posts.


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