Time for Christmas


Don’t lose out this Christmas

As we know Christmas comes around once a year every year, and in normal times we all like to get together meet friends and celebrate the year that has just passed. Times sadly are not as normal as we would like and this has changed how we all deal with Christmas and buying goods.

Hair Loss Ireland has always been an online business and we have always tried to serve our customers as best we can more so at this time of year. So here we are reminding you to get you order in before Christmas 2021 as there is normally a break from Christmas Day until about January 2nd in which you will not be able to recieve any goods due to shippers taking this week off.

We advise you to grab what you need now as certain products are still hard to get so if its Hair Fibres you are after have a good look around and think ahead as now is the best time to place your order so you do not end up without your ideal hair loss product this Christmas and new year season.

We also sell a good range of other Hair loss products such as the Toppik Hair Loss Thickener which has been a constant seller for us for many years and comes in various colours.

Another popular constant seller for us has been the Watermans brand of Shampoo and Conditioner, this product has won awards all over the world, and still we get great reports about it every day. Its a must for those with very fine or thinning hair.

Make sure you are not losing out this Christmas by not having your ideal products to help you look and feel good, after all we know only too well how hair loss can affect us all. We have been helping our friends and customers get their hair loss confidence back with our wide range of products.

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