Reasons Why Losing Your Hair

Reasons here are seven why you could be losing your hair

We accept hair loss as a natural occurrence, especially for men but there are many reasons why you may be losing your hair and ways to prevent it.

Although we commonly associate hair loss with male pattern baldness, where the hair begins to thin or recede with age, there can be many underlying reasons why people lose their hair.

If you have noticed any recent signs of hair loss, you may be surprised to discover that small changes in your health, mental well being or lifestyle could be the secret to avoiding future hair loss.

1. Too much vitamin A
If you regularly take too many vitamin A supplements, this can actually cause hair loss. Try reducing your intake and you should notice that your hair begins to grow normally.

2. Birth control pills
Changes in hormones can sometimes be an underlying reason for temporary hair loss in women. If you have recently changed or stopped taking birth control pills, this can affect your hair growth in the short term.

3. Anaemia
As well as causing dizziness, headaches and fatigue, anaemia can also cause hair loss. If you think you are suffering from anaemia, try taking an iron supplement.

4. Stress
Although it is relatively uncommon, loss of hair can sometimes be caused by emotional stress. Try to tackle any stress or anxiety by taking physical exercise or seeking help from a doctor or therapy group.

5. Not enough protein
A lack of protein in your diet can really have a detrimental effect on your hair growth. Make sure you include plenty of meat, eggs or fish in your diet to ensure that you have adequate protein.

6. Weight loss
When you lose weight you are putting your body under considerable stress, so it is important to be aware that this can sometimes result in some hair loss. Fortunately, this reaction can be temporary, so your hair may begin to grow again when you eat healthily.

7. Styling
If you often use a curling tong to style your hair, you could be causing long-term damage to your hair that could eventually lead to hair loss. If you must subject your hair to heat or chemicals, protect it with Toppik conditioner and style it no more than once a week.

Whatever the underlying reason for your hair loss, you can always try using one of the innovative solutions from the Toppik product range.

These include the Toppik Hair Fibres, which actively make your hair look fuller or thicker, and the Toppik Hair Nutrition Capsules, which provide essential vitamins to malnourished hair.

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