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COUVRÉ SCALP CONCEALERCouvre Stock we still have some

In relation to our Couvre stock, Sadly Toppik for some crazy reason have decided to discontinue making the great product that was Courve, this is sad sad news as this is one of our most popular products and was used by many for many reasons.

Those with hair loss of various kinds and those with alopecia in various degrees are disappointed we are sure, from talking to many customers by email and even on the phone we know they feel this to be a wrong decision.

There is a glimmer of good news though we here at Hair Loss Ireland still have some stock, so our advice would get it while you can we can tell you that we have these colours in stock.

Grey,  Light Brown, 

You can find the various colour options here

We are hoping that Toppik may rethink this decision or if not perhaps come up with another similar product that does the same fantastic job that Couvre is well known for. The closest we can find online at the moment and you have a choice of two is Ecobell which you can find here  the trcik with this lotion is to use slightly less of it compared to Couvre. But if you take your time using it you may find it a suitable alternative.

The second choice is of a German nature and you know what they say about German engineering look at all of their great hair loss shampoos. The German alternative is called Fidentia and right now you can get a duo set of fibers and concealer at a great price. You can find it here

When all our couvre stock is gone, it’s gone we won’t be getting any more of this fantastic product in, if you have any questions please feel free to call us or use our online form.

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