2019 Going Forward

Firstly I want to thank all our customers many of whom are regular customers  without you we would not continue as a business. I hope that in 2018 we have done what we can to help you with your hair.

There is not a day goes by that I am not answering your hair queries and I hope it has helped and made a difference to you. A lot of our customers phone and most times they all know me by my first name, it’s good to know we have built up that relationship where we are on first name terms.

I’d also like to say sorry to those who since black Friday had a delay in getting your product if you add onto the end of Black Friday Christmas and this delays things even further. It is so important for you to try and order your product in advance to try and prevent this delay. I would also like to say you need to do that at any time of the year.

Often we get phone calls or emails saying can I get that by tomorrow and the answer is sadly not. Nobody can be responsible for the time it takes in getting things delivered. You order the goods, we send them and we always get proof of posting so that we can prove that we have sent them. Many things can delay your goods though from bad weather, to staff being off sick and overload of goods at times like Christmas and in more rural areas the delay can take a little longer.

2019 is upon us and we want you to know that as in 2018,2017,2016 and all the other previous years, we will be here to help you as we know how much of an important role the products we offer can help those affected by various hair related problems/symptoms.

Our sister website has some great boxing week and new year offers we thought you might like. I have noted them below.

Grow Afro Give your afro hair some life. This has been reduced from  €18.0 to €12.00 that’s a 33% saving

Keratin Shampoo and Oil Kit reduced by 20% while stocks last and they are low

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