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As we all know there are many different reason why people use hair products from concealers to fibers or even shampoo’s .Some  people use a combination of products from mixing different fibre colours to give them the exact colour they are after. to shampoo and hair thickening spray.

At present it’s July 2019 at the time of writing this article the weather is Ireland it pretty warm and mostly bright and sunny. This is the time those with thinning hair would tend to dread most as the bring sunshine tends to show through their hair and highlighting the scalp underneath.

It’s best to always prepare for certain times of year although in Ireland we have more rain than anything else but when we do get sunshine and warmth we should be able to go out and enjoy it as much as anybody without a hair loss or thinning problem.

Next Day Delivery Weekdays only from Hairloss IrelandJust like planning your holiday you should also plan you hair regime and those with thinning hair, baldness, alopecia or any other hair condition will know that our hair regime will take a lot longer than normal.

Plan ahead that’s the way to make sure you have the your ideal product right there for you when you need it most.

We here at hairlossireland still get customers who have realised at the very last minute they have very little product left and this can cause panic to be without their ideal solution that makes them feel better.

Good News for our customers we now send all our products next day tracked using DPD (weekdays only) so you order on a Monday you’ll have it next day no more waiting 3 ,4 or even up to 7 days or longer as sometimes the postal service in Ireland has let us all down. The longest it has taken the postal service to deliver goods from us to a customer in Ireland was 2 months which is totally unacceptable.

Now you can order your goods knowing they’ll be with you in no time at all, we say go fill your basket and don’t worry about the shipping price as we have not increased our shipping prices that much to offer you new faster delivery service.

1 hour delivery time-slot from DPD

On the day your order is due to be delivered via DPD you will receive a text message or email from DPD, indicating when your order will be delivered. It will be a 1-hour time-slot. If you are unable to accept the parcel at that time, please following the instructions in your message from DPD to arrange a redelivery.

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